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Your resume introduces you to the employer. Your resume should speak clearly about all the aspects of your data, educational and professional qualifications, skills, and a summary of your work experience in past organizations. While preparing your resume, you should include these headings to make it presentable. Always take care no content is to be added for which you can not answer in brief or have little experience and little knowledge.


Here are five skills to add to your resume:

  • Communication

Communication is the medium of transmitting ideas, instructions, and opinions from one person to another. Your communication skills are more required to work anywhere as you have given feedback, reports, analysis, etc., in your job. Communication skills include verbal and written communication. As in the present scenario of COVID-19, verbal communication is more effective.

Non-verbal communication is also a medium to show your skills, personality, and thoughts in your mind. These include eye contact, hand gestures, body language, and facial expressions.

  • Hard skills

It is essential to mention your Hard Skills in your resume. There are two types of skills - One is Hard Skills, and the Other is Soft Skills. Hard skills are also called Technical Skills.

Always mention those hard skills in which you have good command, as little knowledge is dangerous. Hard skills always match your professional qualifications, for example. If you are an architect, your hard skills include auto cad archicad. If you are experienced in Digital Marketing or Fashion design, your hard skills may include SEO & SEM Corel Draw, C-Designing, etc.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility means you are having the quality of adaptation. This adaptation can be in the workplace in the same organization, change in working technologies, etc. Adaptation is an excellent soft skill to enhance a career.

  • Teamwork

Teamwork is a good quality in a person for their personal growth and the organization. Teamwork helps you find more ideas from others and discuss your thoughts with others. It helps a person grow with more knowledge and helps make the project successful in all aspects on time. Teamwork builds the quality of patience, learning, creativity, and problem-solving and enables the team to resolve the conflict wisely and smartly.

  • Creativity

Creativity is a hidden talent of a person. A creative person works the same as others but works differently. In your resume, use some keywords which show your creativity. It is a talent to be shown in your resume through a problem you have solved differently in your past organization. Mention one or two creative thinking talents that added value to your past employer. Creative thinking consists of your open-mindedness, analyzing and problem-solving qualities, your mindful and prompt communication skills, etc.

A good resume is a tool to search for your job as it is the first expression of your invisible presence in front of the employer. Your resume helps the employer to decide to call you for the interview. This is the page where you have to show your top skills, qualities, and past experiences.

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