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Generally, starting a new business is challenging and seems like a mountain of a task. But everyone should know the amount of money, risk, and time involved in a business depends upon the business you want to start. You may have multiple ideas, which can lead you to change your plans occasionally.

Starting a business needs determination and confidence. To overcome this, you must be clear about your business idea.

Low-investment business ideas are a great entry point for small, new, or businesses with low funds and time. To succeed in the market with small business ideas, you should have proper marketing and customer service plans to achieve in the market.

Ideas for Innovative Small Business to Start

Here are five small business ideas you can start today.

  • T-shirt printing business

If you have a sharp artistic sense, then you might enjoy launching a T-shirt printing with your designs, or else you can take someone else designs and screen print them. If you have a small space to spare for a T-shirt printing setup, you can get the necessary tools without buying any additional space. It will save you costs as T-Shirt printing equipment is available at unbelievably cheap rates.

  • Handmade candles

As we all know, candles are always in demand, which makes it a popular business idea. The traditional market for cardinals comes in festival sessions or decorative and religious purposes. We must remember that demand for therapeutic and scented candles is also increasing as households, restaurants, and hotels use them to create ambiance. You can start a business of candles from home with an investment of Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000. Starting a candle business requires limited resources, for example, wax, mold, thread, aroma oils, and wick.

  • Meal service

Meal services are among the best small businesses in Ida, especially for women. Home-cooked food demand is increasing as people working in corporations and working families are looking for homely food. Swiggy and Zomato are also helping people who want to start food delivery services from their homes. You can create your business from the home kitchen by preparing fresh food from the home kitchen. You can go for the food truck business if you have little money to invest. You can choose this option. Food truck comes in different sizes and shapes. There, you can select the kind of food truck you want to start based on the food you want to offer from your food truck.

  • Incense sticks

In India, the market for the Incense stick is increasing due to increased demand for it in the country and abroad. The use of Incense sticks is expanding in India as most Indian households. In festive sessions, the need for Incense sticks increases many folds in India, and even the popularity of it is increasing abroad is growing because of the increasing popularity of meditation and yoga.

  • Drop shipping

You can start your own new e-commerce business in India. To start e-commerce, you do not need ample to invest a significant amount or save a large stock. The best part of drop shipping is that you only have to purchase and stock many products if you get an order from the customer. To achieve this, you can list your product on already available e-commerce websites or build your website to sell your product.

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