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Microsoft Excel is one of the most essential spreadsheet solutions available in the market for businesses. MS Excel is a powerful tool available to store extensive data and allows you to manipulate it as per the requirements of a business. If you are dealing with tons of data, you must recognize the role of Excel.

We can find many spreadsheet applications in the market, but we must recognize that most organizations use Microsoft Excel as their spreadsheet solution. Excel offers you more usability and data control than most other spreadsheet solutions available in the market.

So, whether you are new to Excel or an expert here, we have mentioned 5 Excel tricks to make your job easy.

Five Essential Tricks in Excel

  • Select all cells in One Click.

If we have basic knowledge of Excel, then we know option Ctrl+A to select all cells in a sheet, but only some people know that there is a button on the corner of the sheet to select all cells. To select all cells using this button, you have to scroll your mouse cursor to the left side corner by clicking on the available button, and you can select all cells in no time.

  • Insert Multiple Rows and columns.

When you start working on an Excel sheet, you will find that occasionally, you need to add new rows and columns in the sheet to insert new data. Usually, we use right click and insert option to add cells in a sheet, but if we need to add many rows and columns, it will take time to add.

Here is a quick way to add many rows and columns at once. For example, if you want to add 10 rows, then select 10 rows where you want to add new rows, right click on the mouse and select Insert. This will add 10 rows to the sheet.

  • Open Multiple Excel Files at Once

If you need to open multiple files instead of opening one file at a time, you can use this trick to open multiple files simultaneously. Select the files you want to open and press the enter key on your keyboard. Now, you can see all files opening simultaneously. This method will save the time and effort you put into opening the sheet individually.

  • Create Pivot Tables

The pivot table is one of the most powerful tools available in Excel. It helps you to summarize a significant amount in tabular form. Using Pivot Table saves a considerable amount of time when you want to see your data in tabular form, and with Pivot, there is no need to apply formulas to surmise your data.

To create a pivot table, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Insert.

  2. Select the Pivot Table option.

  3. Select Data Range.

  4. Select values, Column rows, and filters from the Pivot Table field.

  5. Now, you can see your data in tabular form.

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