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The world is gradually moving towards the concept of a platform economy where transactions like sales and purchases are performed over digital platforms.

Here are 5 Online Business Ideas for Small Ventures

Here are 5 online business ideas that you can invest in. 

  • Art Gallery 

Many artists in this world create beautiful illustrations but get unidentified due to various reasons. If you are one of them or you know someone who is a great artist, then get a helping hand by providing them with recognition of their work for a reasonable financial reward. This business has been flourishing online, and a lot of scope is available due to fewer online competitors in the art industry. 

  • Blogging 

Becoming a blogger or influencer is another feasible option to start an online business. People nowadays spend most of their time on social media and the internet looking for entertainment knowledge or anything relevant to them and their lives. So, capture your core competency, find your target customers, and start influencing them with your blogs. This is also a potential way to earn profits in the long run. 

  • SEO Consultant 

SEO refers to the search engine optimization of a website. While there is an option to pay the search engine to rank high in a user's searches, paid optimizations are something businesses can only rely on for a short time. So, in the race to rank in the top pages, please find out your potential customers and help them grow along with the growth of your business. An SEO consultant is paid a good amount of money. 

  • Webinar Business 

Recently, with the world moving towards the online learning system, the webinar business has gained a lot of boost among the other learning platforms. A webinar is usually conducted for a specific audience on a particular topic of interest. The speakers are the fundamental essence of a webinar. If you have links with some renowned personalities, you can think of the webinar business as a profitable venture. All you need to do is find out the target audience, identify their need and then arrange webinars to enhance their knowledge and skill set. While initially you might not earn lots of money, this could fetch you high returns in the future. 

  • Social media consultant 

Just like the SEO consultants, you can also think about becoming a Social media consultant. A social media consultant usually handles social accounts for brands, models, artists, actors, news, and other influential pages. To become a social media consultant, you must have a broad skill set and knowledge of social media and its analytics. Large companies or famous busy personalities often outsource their social media handling work to consultants for a reasonably good amount of money. 

In a rapidly changing world, it is necessary for us to change, too. Change is mandatory to survive in the world, make a living and earn profits. In the coming 10 years, there will be hardly any huge offices and shopping complexes as almost 90% of the business will move towards the concept of a platform economy. Thus, to earn a good amount of profits, invest in online businesses that could yield higher returns on low investments. 


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