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We all know MS Excel is widely used Spreadsheet software. It helps organizations save data in a simple, understandable way. If you deal with large amounts of data, then MS Excel is the best spreadsheet solution to manage and save your data.

Whether you are a student, businessman, or other professional, Excel will help you to manage data and save time.

Five Ideas to Help You Become an Excel Expert

Here are five useful Excel tips to become an Excel expert.

  • Open multiple Excel Files at once

If you want to open multiple files at once, then there is an easy way to open multiple files with one click instead of selecting one file at a time. To open multiple files at once, choose the files you want to open, then click on the Enter key on the keyboard. It will open all files simultaneously.

  • For fast navigation, Use CTRL+Arrow

If you want to navigate fast from one cell to another cell with data in any direction, you can use the CTRL+Arrow key. You must click on the CTRL key on your keyboard and then click on the direction key simultaneously to navigate from one cell to another.

  • Move column speedily

If you want to move data from one column to another in a spreadsheet, you can use the given technique to make it fast. Select the column you want to move, and then move your pointer to the edge of the cell of the selected column. Once it turns the crossed arrow icon, you can move your column to another location by clicking the right button and dragging your mouse to select the desired column and row.

  • To Delete Blank cell in No time

Sometimes, you will find a blank cell in your sheet. If you want to remove empty cells to maintain accuracy, then you can use this trick to do it easily instead of moving to each cell manually and deleting them one by one. To do so, select the column you want to filter, go to data, then click on filter. Now, you can see a small arrow facing downwards. Click on the arrow, and now from the drop-down menu, select blank. Now, you can see all empty cells, select all cells, and then click on the delete button on your keyboard to remove blank cells.

  • Text to Columns

This option will help you when you want to split one cell's data into two different cells. For example, you want the first and last names in two other cells instead of one.

Select the column that you want to split. Select text to the column from the top navigation bar under the data tab. Now, from the popped-up dialog box, select the Delimited option; it will help you to separate the data based on characters. Click on next to move to the following screen. Now select “Space” and then click on Next. Keep the selection as general, and then click on Finish. While performing this task, make sure to have enough empty columns beside the selected column, depending on your data.

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