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Five career opportunities with Excel

Excel is one of the most demanded computer programs nowadays; employers look for Excel skills when hiring employees. However, if you want to establish your career wherein you fiddle with data and Excel spreadsheets, here are 5 possible career opportunities.

Know the Career Opportunities with Excel
Five career opportunities with Excel

  • Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants, also known as office clerks, are responsible for running office functions smoothly. Their routine tasks include preparing reports, organizing documents, managing records, and providing customer and staff support.

MS Excel & MS Word are the requisites for any administrative assistant. The median salary of secretaries and administrative assistants is $ 38,880 per annum.

  • Business managers

Business managers are the professionals appointed to help the organization make well-informed decisions related to the business considering the market trends, profitability ratios, competitive analysis, and many other factors. Their key responsibilities include analyzing past and present data and making inferences about the same. The median salary of a business manager is $63,120 per annum.

  • Accountants & Auditors

Accountants and auditors ensure the accuracy of financial statements and documents. They are also responsible for filing financial information and submitting tax returns. Excel skills and financial knowledge will make the role suitable for prestigious positions in an organization. The median annual salary of an accountant is $68,150.

  • Cost Estimator

Cost estimators are the ones who estimate the value of money. They often work with engineers and project managers to ensure accurate estimates of time, money, and labor required for a specific project. A cost estimator is expected to earn a median salary of about $64,640 per annum.

  • Financial analyst

Financial analysts play a crucial role in planning and making informed decisions about loans and investments for companies and individuals. Proficiency in Excel for a financial analyst is a must. Financial analysts tend to get a median salary of $ 63,040 per annum.

Almost all jobs now require proficiency in Excel, and some high-paying positions can be achieved with advanced skills and knowledge in Excel. Excel is the best-known spreadsheet program with infinite formulas, functions, and tricks to perform tasks. If you are learning Excel or already a master in Excel skills, look out for career opportunities available for you; also, look forward to what other skills in Excel could improve your resume; it can be worth it!

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