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While creating manual Amazon campaigns, an individual spends lots of time and effort researching which products and keywords he should target. Keyword research requires deeply studying competitors, trending keywords, and past trends. To ensure the success of an Amazon campaign, you must include every type of keyword, be it positive or negative.

5 crucial keywords for Amazon PPC

Here are 5 essential keywords for PPC Amazon. 

Before we begin with the keywords, we must understand the fundamental difference between a search term and the keywords. While the search term is what the customers look for, the keywords are the terms you bid on. For example, the search terms for the keyword Red Shoe can be Adults Red Shoe, Red Shoe kids, Red Shoe US 11 size, etc. While creating campaigns, bids are placed on keywords, which can be of the types: 

  1. Exact keywords

Exact match keywords are search terms of the users that match your keywords. Suppose you are selling a badminton racket on Amazon, and one of the keywords you use is badminton racket; in such a case, your product will appear for the search terms, badminton racket of badminton rackets. The sellers try to keep their bids high on exact keywords, as they will likely generate more sales leads. 

2.     Broad keywords

Broad keywords are the ones that are less focused than exact match keywords. Let us consider that while creating campaigns, you choose a broad match keyword as a black ball; now your product will appear for the search terms such as a black ball for kids, black ball for the basket, ball black 15-inch, small black ball, outdoor black ball and so on. Sellers are recommended to place comparatively fewer bids on broad-match keywords. 

3.     Phrases 

Phrases are the third type of matching keywords. These are the search term phrases that include your specified keyword. Under the phrases match type, the keywords are extracted from the customer's search query, which is a phrase and then provides the search results. 

4.     Negative keywords 

Negative keywords are the ones that the seller wants to avoid being searched for. For example, if you sell kids' shoes, any search query related to men's or women's shoes is wasteful for you. Therefore, by entering the negative keywords, you indicate Amazon does not appear for particular search terms. This helps in bid optimization. 

5.     Positive keywords

The positive keywords are those you want to target in the search queries. There are many applications to research these keywords. The broad, phrase and exact match are usually found among the positive keywords. 

Each keyword that you use to place your bid is essential. Therefore, you must perform your keyword research properly and include each type of keyword for effective bid optimization. 



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