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MS Excel is one of the market's most advanced and widely used spreadsheet applications. It helps you in crunching numbers and dashboard reporting. The most widely used spreadsheet program in both offices and homes is Microsoft Excel.

With the help of the proper training and practice, you can learn MS Excel. It is essential to know MS Excel as most organizations are looking for candidates with some basic knowledge of MS Excel.

Five methods for learning Excel

Here, We have listed five ways to learn MS Excel:

  • Start with simple math problems in Excel.

To learn MS Excel, you must start with basic math. With this, you will be able to learn how to type in Excel and how to use basic maths formulas. To learn advanced Excel, it's essential to know basic math. Then only you will be able to learn advanced MS Excel.

Always use the equals sign first when doing maths in an Excel sheet. For example, if I have to add 1 to 1, then I will type "=1+1" in the same way you can perform other calculations.

  • Take Excel Training Courses

You can select a decent training course to make your learning process fast. With the help of training, you can learn Excel more quickly. With the help of a training course, you can learn advanced Excel easily. The right training course will help you to learn and master charts, formulas, pivot tables, and other functions easily.

  • YouTube videos

Many people use YouTube to learn many things. On YouTube, people post their videos to guide others. YouTube is a free source for learning Excel. On YouTube, you will find lectures and tutorials on Excel.

A challenge in learning Excel from YouTube is it is unorganized for each function or each topic manually you have to type what you want to learn as people post random videos on YouTube.

  • Online Courses

Many online platforms provide courses to learn Excel, for example, Udemy. Online courses are easy to understand as they use animation and other techniques to explain topics. Online courses have many other benefits, as you can learn from anywhere. There is no need for travel. One disadvantage of online courses is that you should have internet access and a device to attend lectures. Online Courses are growing now, and during the COVID-19 period, it's the best way to learn something new. We can take the example of Udemy. According to Wikipedia, Udemy has over a million enrolled students and 57000 teachers. Udemy provides more than 130000 courses. These facts show why you should choose an online platform to learn Excel.

  • Blog Posts

Blog posts are a free source to learn Excel. You can search in Google for topics related to Excel and then select Blogs as per your requirements. Blog posts are a good source of learning as you benefit from Visuals, for example, gifs, tables, pictures, and videos.

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