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Images of a product are known to contribute majorly to the conversion of a sales lead to a customer. It is a general human tendency to look at the images and decide whether to buy the product or not instead of reading the detailed features and the description.

Here are 5 suggestions to improve the quality of Amazon's product images

Here are 5 tips to enhance Amazon's product images. 

  • Right Background

The background of an image plays a role in driving the customer's attention. Amazon recommends using a white background for the products. Product photography is often performed over white backgrounds to reduce distractions and make the product clear and visible. Online platforms like Amazon, Alibaba, Shein, eBay, etc., all have the policy to have a white background for product images. 

  • Lighting

Just like the image's background, lighting also plays a vital role in enhancing the product image. We all live in a world where we are well aware of the role that lighting plays in our individual photographs. So is the case with the products. Appropriate lighting, while capturing the product, does wonders for it. One must ensure that there is enough light in the room when you capture the image of the product. You can also hire professional product photographers to capture your product images. 

  • Quality 

Quality of the image, i.e. the clarity, the pixels, and the colours an image has. All these are essential to grab a customer's attention. Why don’t you ask yourself which one you would buy, a dull-looking product or a product with bright, clear and attractive pictures? The answer is known to all: the product with good image quality. 

  • Angles

One must include images of all the angles of the product so that each customer's doubt is resolved. Also, the seller must ensure that he uploads the zoomed images of the essential product parts. 

  • Standards 

Before uploading an image on Amazon, make sure you visit Amazon product image guidelines and choose the images that fit the specified standards. This reduces the chances of Amazon rejecting your product images and also helps you gain higher rankings in search results. 

Images play an essential role in every online selling platform. More than the description of the product, it is essential that you focus on the product images, as they have a higher chance of generating sales leads. Be careful; upload as many images of the products as possible, but make sure they are relevant. 


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